We are a professional independent company with an extensive background

in land surveying. We have a particular awareness of the digital 3D world

and an understanding of the need to develop and apply an ever-increasing

knowledge of appropriate close range measurement techniques.


A Minolta close range 3D laser scanner is used for our bureau and site

work and if appropriate we may use other scanners for longer range work.

Our close range 3D laser scanning is non-contact, accurate and fast.


3D digital surface models are created from laser scanned point cloud data.

Many formats are supported and these include, but are not limited to:

IGES, OBJ and STL. Please ask if you have specific requirements.

The scanned data can also be analysed in many ways such as surface

deformation, geometric analysis etc. and the results presented in a report.


THE SCAN TEAM can provide consultancy on 3D laser scanning and other

close range measuring techniques.

Our independent advice is always confidential to you and your clients.

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