Example 3D data

This sample 3D data requires the use of an ActiveX plug-in from Inus Technology.

It will download automatically. Your browser might request permission before

downloading, depending on your security settings. Currently, only Microsoft

Internet Explorer is supported.

How it's done

These examples are presented here as surface models. They are created from

multiple scans that have been registered together to produce a continuous

surface. Where appropriate, the original surface texture has been draped onto the

surface, enhancing the realism.

Data sets have been kept to less than 1Mb to minimise web download times. As

a result, the samples are less detailed than the original data but they give a good

idea of what can be produced. Higher resolution sample data can be supplied on request.

Viewing the models

Click on a thumbnail image to the left and follow the 3D viewing instructions to

interact with the model..

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